CAWEE Focuses on the following six services


Trainings In International Trade

In partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC) CAWEE provides trainings in international trade under the program called “ACCESS!”, which covers different kinds of training modules and also sector specific training manuals. This training is given by ITC accredited international trainers that are Ethiopians.

Business Counselling Services

In partnership with the International Trade Centre (ITC), using professionally developed toolkits developed by ITC, CAWEE provides business counselling services to select companies owned and managed by women that are in export market and also those that are potential exporters.
This business counselling service is given by ITC certified international business counsellors that are Ethiopians.

Technical skills trainings

CAWEE is the implementing organization of the economic empowerment project of the Office of the First Lady of the FDRE, “Connecting 1,500 Women and Young Girls to the Export Market”. The project focuses on providing basic technical skills trainings to grassroots women and connecting them to women ... Read more

Organizing Trade Missions

As the core mandate of CAWEE is supporting and promoting women exporters, one of its task is expanding the export base of its members. In this respect, CAWEE organizes 1-2 trade missions per year, where it is an opportunity for its members to physically meet potential buyers and also to get exposed to the outside market world.

Mentoring And Coaching

Following the requests of member companies, CAWEE provides continuous mentoring services.

In encouraging new/emerging companies, CAWEE connects those companies to senior and big companies, so that they mentor the new ones.

Consultations For Members

Providing continuous advice and counselling services are the routine services of CAWEE to its members.