The Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) implementing the project “Connecting Women to the Export Market” has continued working on different priority sectors.

The technical skills training in the Hand-weaving sector started on November 29, 2017, at the World Vision training center, Lideta. This skills training is organized for three months.

The Hand-weaving Trainees

Fully funded by World Vision Ethiopia (WVE), Twenty four (24) vulnerable young women are part of this training,20 of them were young women that faced sexual violence, this time residing within an organization called Safe House (Association for Women’s Sanctuary and Development) and the other four are vulnerable women, female headed households.

visit program was organized by CAWEE, where women owned and managed companies (the potential employing companies) involved in export were invited to meet the trainees in the training site,at Lideta World Vision training center on February 17, 2018.

Mrs. Nigest Haile, the Executive Director of CAWEE, welcomed the guests on behalf of herself and also on behalf of the trainees.

Nigest Welcoming the Invited Guests

Present were, Mrs. Maria Munir,the Executive Director of Safe House and the owners & managers of 4 exporting companies (Trio-craft, Nigist Ethiopia, Ejig Design and Yordi Design) that showed interest to provide full time employment for the trainees. Read More ....

Mrs.Maria from Safe house delivered her remarks in thanking WVE and CAWEE, in providing such a great opportunity to those young women that were victims of violence.

She further expressed her appreciation and thanks to the four companies that showed their interest in employing those young women, mentioning that, they indeed are social enterprises, that are committing themselves to hand-hold these young trainees in providing them full time employment and further providing them on-the-job training,

Mrs. Maria (right) delivering her vote of thanks

During the brief meeting held, the invited companies Mrs.Aster Reta from Nigist Ethiopia, Mrs.Elisabeth Kassa from Trio-craft, Mrs.Ejigayehu Hailegiorgis from Ejig Design and Mrs. Yordanos Aberafrom Yordi design introduced their companies for the trainees and expressed their interest to provide them full time employment opportunities and continued on-the-job trainings.

Mrs.Aster (left) and Mrs. Ejigayehu(right )introducing their companies for the trainees

In confirming their commitment, the four companies showed their interest in taking and employing the following number of trainees:

  • Trio-craft……… . . . . .15 potential trainees,
  • Nigist Ethiopia……….10 potential trainees,
  • Ejig Design………. . . . .8 potential trainees and
  • Yordi Design.......... . . . . 2 potential trainees.
In looking at the number of trainees that the four companies showed interest to employ, it came out to be 35 trainees, which is beyond the number of the trainees that are in training. This has shown that, trained young women have the opportunity to get employed within existing women owned and managed exporting companies.

Some of the trainees were given the opportunity to express their views on the skills training, where they appreciated the chance that they got to be equipped with marketable skills and also to get the opportunity to be employed immediately, once the skills training is finalized.

Two of the trainees expressing their gratitude to CAWEE, Safe House and the Employing Companies

Finally, the invited guests and the employing companies visited the skill trainees (potential trainees) products.

Invited Guests and the Companies Owners & Managers Visiting the Products of the Trainees