Facilitating Employment Opportunities for Vulnerable Young Women through the

Urgent Action Fund (UAF) Africa Support

The Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE) secured support from UAF Africa to facilitate employment opportunities for twenty-five (25) vulnerable young women in Addis Ababa.

This project will focus on the provision of technical skills training in leather weaving, expected to be provided for one month, which will focus on the production of leather weaving from scrap leather, this is a new product line, which was never done before, as scrap leather from factories is always left unused. It is to utilize this waste leather, on the other side giving focus on protecting the environment by reducing waste, creating fair sustainable employment, and making amazing products come to life with the Re-discovery Collection.

This new idea of leather weaving was the innovation of one of CAWEE’s members, Sabegn (www.sabegn.com). This is a collection that brings to life the stories of the artisans that make it. The Re-discovery Collection, with its culturally inspired designs and weaving techniques, incorporates leather scraps that would’ve been discarded to the aesthetic of a selection of purses created to reflect durability, uniqueness, and human connection.

Once the technical skills training is completed, all the trainees will be home workers, producing from their homes, where what they produced will be supplied to Sabegn and Sabegn pays those women additional mark-up and selling as well the story behind the product, giving more visibility to those women producers of the woven leather.

In this particular project, the young women trainees will be home workers, a business model which is not much experienced in Ethiopia, supplying their finished woven leather products to Sabegn, where this company will provide the young women with the required scrap leather, modern designs, guidance, advice and on-the-job trainings.

With the business model of working from home and getting connected to buyers, will be a new project exercise to Sabegn and CAWEE, where once this project is completed, CAWEE would like to replicate this best practice in other sectors as well.