Two trade missions were organized in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the generous support secured from the Government of Denmark,the first one covering the sector of green coffee and the second one covering the two sectors of leather and gemstones & jewellery. Both the two delegations were led by the Executive Director of the Center for Accelerated Women’s Economic Empowerment (CAWEE).


The first trade mission that involved four women owned and managed green coffee exporting companies took place in Copenhagen from May 16-21, 2018. Those companies were able to visit seven coffee roasting companies in Copenhagen, where they also left their green coffee to be tested/cupped by the roasting companies, to get their feedback on that.

The Women in Coffee Team with the In-coming Danish Ambassador at the 1stRostery Visit

During the trade mission, the Ethiopian women in coffee got the opportunity to participate at the specialty coffee trade fair that was organized by the Danish Specialty Coffee Association.

At the fair, the companies were able to exhibit their green coffee and it was also an opportunity for the companies for their coffees to get cupped/tasted by potential buyers and visitors and get feedback on their coffees.

The Ethiopian Stand at the Danish Coffee Festival

This trade mission was very instrumental to the companies to understand the consumption level of the Ethiopian coffee at the different rostery visited and the feedback from the potential buyers and visitors during the specialty coffee trade fair.

The second trade mission, that involved five women owned and managed exporting companies in two major sectors (4 in leather and 1 in gemstones & jewellery), took place in Copenhagen from August 8-10, 2018. With the generous support secured from the Government of Denmark, the companies got the opportunity to exhibit their products at the 2018 Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF).

The Owner & Manager of OC Leather Displaying her Collections on her Respective Stand

The Owner & Manager of Leather Exotica Displaying her Collections on her Respective Stand

CIFF is part of Copenhagen Fashion Week and one of the leading fashion fairs in Europe. The 2018 CIFF took place from Wednesday, 08 August to Friday, 10 August 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark for three consecutive days. During the CIFF event the women in leather, Gemstone and Jewelry got the opportunity to exhibit their products, where some of them were able to physically meet some potential buyers and establish some business contacts.

H. E. Ambassador Mette (Right) Visiting Leather Exotica Stand at CIFF, the Owner of Leather Exotica (left)

The Ethiopian Ambassador to the Nordic countries travelled all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to Copenhagen, Denmark, to meet the Ethiopian delegation of women in coffee, leather, gemstone and jewelry during the first and second trade mission that took place in May and August 2018 respectively.

H. E. Ambassador Professor Merga with the Women in Coffee at the Coffee Festival

H. E. Ambassador Professor Merga with Women in Leather, Gemstone and Jewelry at CIFF (Right)