Yasmin Coffee Plantation is located in Western Ethiopia (Oromia region, Kellem Wellaga Zone, Anfillo Woreda, Yeti Village and in specific place called Shewer Yaga) with an altitude ranging from1,650-1,703 m and annual mean rainfall of 1,750mm. The farm covers 155.4 hectares of land​. ​

Yasmin Coffee Plantation Plc. is a third-generation family business selling green forest coffee.  Yasmin Coffee employs 35 permanent workers (20 female &15 male) and 2,000-4,000 temporary workers. Of the 35 permanent workers, 4 of them are in managerial position (3 female & 1 male).

Yasmin Coffee Plantation also engages in reforestation to increase the land’s fertility. Currently, 105 hectares of the land is cultivated out of the 155.4 hectares.

The plantation has its own two nursery sites.

​During picking, only the red ripe cherries are picked and dried on the bed (plastic or metallic). No chemical fertilizer is used, instead organic fertilizers, such as manures and compost are utilized.  In order to avoid   anything that decreases the quality of the coffee, Yasmin coffee uses selected bean varieties which has high resistance, and in tandem uses plants which increase soil fertility like gravillia, legium plants and accassia mecseloni. Yasmin Coffee Plantation is certified by EU and NOP​.

Yasmin Coffee Plantation Plc. began exporting in 2012 to international markets, including countries: US, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and France.

Value Added/Social Responsibility: 

  • Yasmin Coffee Plantation Plc. serves as an umbrella group for coffee out-growers so that they can become self-sufficient and independent. 

  • Provides financial, material and moral support to out-growers in the surrounding area.
  • Yasmin gives training for the out growers regarding how to produce and increase coffee quality as well as productivity.
  • Yasmin provides materials like metallic and plasticbed nets with plastic bags and knives, seedlings of different nitrogen fixingplants, coffee plants which are selected variety and more productive ones. 


Sumeya Yasin

Tel: +251-930-07-75-60/ +251-911-05-48-96 
E- mail: yasmincoffeeplantation@yahoo.com
Fax: +251116673727
Website: www.yasmincoffeeplantation.com