Primrose Service Provider P.L.C is a private Green Coffee Exporting company in Ethiopia, founded in 2010 and it is one of highly competitive and respected coffee exporter in Ethiopian. The company is being run and staffed with qualified and experienced experts and employees in area of coffee industry.


 We are proud to offer our customers the full range of Specialty, Commercial and Premium washed and Natural green coffees. We are aiming to provide top quality coffee and exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Natural Yirgaheffee Chelelektu

Partners: We are working with partners at different washing mills at Yirgacheffee, Sidamo and Guji areas.

washing station

Primrose’s Dry Mill: Built at Addis Ababa around kality near the main road to improve the overall quality of our products. 

washed coffee in the bed

The company has exported over 1900 tons of washed and Natural Coffee every year since 2012. What makes the company unique is the regard its gives to the purity, quality, flavor of the coffees it exports, the satisfaction of every consumer any given cup and the reasonable price it offers differentiates it from other Ethiopian coffee exporters. The company is proud to offer its customers the full range of washed and sundried green Arabica coffees.

Type of Coffee  : 

Fully Traceable Premium Coffee Beans

 Washed                                               Natural

Yirgacheffee Gr. 2                            Yirgacheffee Gr. 3 & 4                                   

Sidamo Gr. 2                                      Sidamo Gr. 3 & 4

Guji Gr. 2                                             Guji Gr. 3 & 4

Limu Gr. 2                                            Limu Gr. 3 & 4

Kochere Gr. 2                                    Kochere Gr. 3 & 4


Fully Traceable Specialty Coffee Beans


Washed                                               Natural

Yirgacheffee Gr. 1                            Yirgacheffee Gr. 1

Sidamo Gr. 1                                      Sidamo Gr. 1

Guji Gr. 1                                             Guji Gr. 1

Limu Gr. 1                                            Limu Gr. 1           

Kochere Gr. 1                                    Kochere Gr. 1


Meseret Workneh

Tel: +251-113 20 42 14/+251-911 51 37 47