Yanni Georgalis formed Moplaco Trading in 1972, in Dire Dawa, exporting predominantly Harar Coffee. The company has operating sites in Yirgachefe, Dire Dawa and Addis Ababa and has land for cultivation in Yirgachefe and Limmu.

Although Harar Coffee is and will remain Moplaco's Star Brand, the company has expanded its efforts and its activities in the last 20 years, sourcing coffee from the central auction system, that come from all other areas of Ethiopia.

Moplaco has further expanded up and down the chain of coffee, controlling processing and with it, experimentation; farming exporting finally roasting.

Yirgachefe Sun Dried Coffee

Moplaco is predominantly a green coffee exporter with passion for quality. The company sources different coffees from either the central auction or from its own farms keeping in mind two parameters: deliciousness in the cup and respect for the communities surrounding the farms.

Recently, Moplaco has begun to expand into farming so that it can begin to directly trade coffee outside the auction. This coffee will thus be fully traceable and prepared by Moplaco from the beginning to the end.

Harar Boldgrain CoffeeMetehara Coffee

The Roasting Brand is called Galani, a coffee brand that strives for this final deliciousness in the cup, a coffee brand that bridges the gap between craft and origin.

Galani Coffee is roasted and sold in the companies Addis Ababa outlet, Galani Coffee, located around the Jacross area. The coffee brand provides both roasted and ground coffee products for the local market.


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