MIM Agrichem was founded by Mrs. Muna Fejru in 2001, where it is located in the Western Region of Oromia (Wollega, Begi). MIM Agrichem's mission is not only to be profitable, but also to provide the highest quality coffee to international markets by processing an environmentally and socially friendly product. Its objective is to enter in to coffee export market in 2016.

The company started out with a special focus on green coffee to be supplied to the central market of Ethiopia Bunna Board by farming and collecting sundried coffee cherries directly from farmers and processing it to exportable green coffee beans.

It also expanded by importing agricultural and industrial chemicals, and currently serving as a commission agent by representing different companies from different countries such as China, UAE, Indonesia, Jordan, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. in to coffee export market in 2016.

The total number of permanent employees in Agrichem is 14 (6 female and 8 male). The number of employees in managerial position is 4 (3 females and 1 male).

Social Responsibility:

  • MIM Agrichem has supplied grain mills to women in the local area.
  • It has also financed the making of paved roads for the local residents around the farm.


Muna Fejru
Tel: +251-911 216227/ +251 116 627806
Fax-: +251-116 633423
E-mail: alfejrm@ethionet.et or munafejru@gmail.com