Fahem Coffee Plantation is located in one of the beautiful natural forest areas of Western Ethiopia (Oromia Region, Jimma Zone, Limmu-Seqa District in Checka Kebele) with an altitude ranging from 1,855-1,958 m. and annual mean rainfall of 700-1,200 mm. The farm covers 200 hectares of land.

Fahem Coffee Plantation has been in business for more than 25 years. The total nuber of employees in Fahem Coffee Plantation, including the temporary works, is 400 (320 female & 80 male). Of the 400 workers, six are in the managerial position (1 female and 5 male).

The plantation has its own nursery site with the capacity of multiplying more than 500,000
high quality seedlings. The coffee varieties planted at the farm are "74110" and "7227", both of which are obtained from the Jimma Research Institute. female and 5 male).

At the nursery sites, the beans are planted in a plastic bag. The seedling then receive water and organic fertilizers within a shade made from grass. While transferring the seedlings to the farm no chemical fertilizer is applied, since the soil at the plantation site is virgin forest soil. Manual labor is used for weeding and other cultivation activities.

The berries are picked when they are large, red and juicy. It is only red cherries that are
picked from the trees. Extra care is taken to avoid the presence of fermentation before the coffee is processed. Therefore, the picked red cherry is spread very thinly in
specially prepared beds within four hours after picking. Fahem Coffee Plantation is UTZ certified, which guarantees the fulfillment of social, environmental and economic criteria for coffee production as stated in UTZ certified code of conduct.

Fahem Coffee Plantation Plc. began exporting in 2013 to international markets, including to the US, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

Added Value/ Social Responsibility:

  • The company has given a material support, worth ETB 30,000, to a primary school located near the farm, and constructed 5 Kms local road to connect two neighboring kebeles around the farm.
  • In collaboration with the regional, zonal and woreda agriculture bureaus; Fahem Coffee Plantation has been providing training to the area's farmers on improved coffee production methodologies for increased production yield and quality production using modern technologies.
  • The plantation is managed with maximum care to keep the natural ecosystem intact. Fahem Coffee Plantation is in the process of designing an out-growers program to work with local indigenous farmers. It also plans to give 6,000 identified out-growers a seeding package.
  • The farm is working in harmony with the surrounding farmers by organizing them as out-growers with an end goal of mutual gain.


Mehbuba Seid
Tel: +251-911-52-70-37/ +251-935-98-82-88
E-mail: hayatudin@gmail.com
Website: www.fahemcoffee.com