Diamond Coffee Enterprise was established in 1999 by the owner and manager Mrs. Dehab Mesfin, with a 200 hectare coffee plantation in Kaffa. The farm produces specialty coffee under the name "Natural Kaffa Coffee grades 2 & 3" with a brand name "Dehab Coffee" as registered locally. Dehab Coffee started exporting in 2014, where it exports to Germany and the Netherlands​. ​


Dehab Coffee is located at the center of the birth place of Arabica coffee, in the Southern Region of Ethiopia, Kaffa Zone (Gimbo-Bonga), 446 Kms, South West of the capital city, Addis Ababa with an altitude of 1,795-1,850 and annual mean rainfall 1,600-2,200mm. The coffee has been planted on gentle sloping hillsides and hilltops on cambisoles and nitosols.

Manual slashing and hand weeding are the common practices to control the weeds in the coffee farm. No herbicides are applied in the farm; the soil is very rich in organic matter, no need of applying chemical fertilizers. Generally, the farm is free of pesticides, as the coffee varieties used are disease resistant and there is no problem of insect pests in the area​.


Dehab Coffee employs 350 temporary workers and 150 permanent workers to raise coffee seedlings in its nursery site.  The coffee trees are maintained under moderate shading canopies of ideal forest shade tree species in the highlands of Tulla.

Value Added/ Social Responsibility:

  • The company supports out-growers by giving them seedlings.
•Dehab Coffee gives training to the surrounding society on the topics of HIV-AIDS awareness and gender equality and the production of high quality coffee.

•Contributed in the construction of road, school, police station and market place.

•Worked closely with and supported the surrounding church.


Dehab Mesfin

Tel: +251 930 014 502/0116-29 26 14

Email: info@dehabcoffee.com


Website: www.dahabcoffee.com