Coffee Culture Coffee Export Plc. is a coffee exporting company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The company was named in recognition of the amazing significance and diversity of coffee and its cultures from the farmland in rural Ethiopia to the best coffee shops in the world.

The company was established by a farming family with rich experience in the area. Mrs. Yordanos Jembere, General Manager of Coffee Culture, draws on traditional coffee farming family background combined with several years of firsthand experience working with coffee farmers’ cooperatives in Oromia Region and working in the leading coffee export company in Ethiopia as Senior Coffee Export Expert to give Coffee Culture its unique competitive edge in the coffee export industry in Ethiopia.

Coffee Culture Coffee Export Plc. exports both washed and unwashed (natural or sundried) coffee from among the nine varieties of Arabica coffee Ethiopia produces, all with their distinct characteristics.

Coffee Culture strives to meet the needs of actual and potential customers. To meet this goal, the company is working on its long term investment plan to have its own coffee farm and coffee processing plant producing traceable specialty coffee.


Yordanos Jembere

Tel: +251- 911-60 35 34; +251 1189 62 131

Fax- +251 116 454 635

P.O.BOX: 190007 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ;