Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation is located in the former Kaffa province (the origin of Arabica Coffee) and is located in Ethiopia’s South Western Region within the Oromia Regional State, Jimma Zone, Limmu-Kosa District, 430 Kms from the capital Addis Ababa. Mrs. Bezuayghu Shone is the founder and member of the Ethiopian Coffee Growers, Producers and Exporters Association.

The coffee plantation was established on 200 hectares of land in 2005. The total number of employees in Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation is 80-100 temporary workers and 40 (15 female and 25 male) permanent employees.

Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation started exporting in 2012, since then, the company has exported 18 metric tons of Limmu specialty coffee to the royal coffee firm based in Oakland, California, USA.


Besides coffee, the Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation is undertaking an adaptation trial of different spices with the intent to integrate that with coffee production. It also aims to identify new opportunities to diversify product representations that will drive and expanded business revenue stream while providing an environmentally sound emphasis on conservation and crop bio-diversity implementation methods​.​

The Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation has firmly established its strategic alliances with other similar private firms, financial, research, and agricultural organizations that are involved in coffee research, financing, production, processing, and marketing. It has created a strong development partnership with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Agricultural Research, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange, Coffee State Farms and the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the company is currently in the process of establishing a business partnership with Bona’s Café based in Canada.

Added Value/ Social Responsibility:

  • The company genuinely strives to uphold the highest corporate responsibility to the community by taking the lead initiative in fostering a proactive role in reinvesting some of its profits in tackling the critical social needs that poor farmers living adjacent to the farm are experiencing.
  • Bezuayghu Shone Coffee Plantation is raising the social awareness measurement bar up so that the local communities may benefit from getting medical treatment at a fair price at the farm’s clinic.
  • The on-site elementary and junior secondary school, which the company built has created educational opportunities where none had previously existed for children from poor rural households. It is also serving affiliate small coffee growers who are within the vicinity of the plantation.


Bezuayehu Shone

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