Amaro Gayo Coffee was established in 2006 and is located in the foothills of the Amaro Mountains in Southern Ethiopia. The mountainous district of Amaro can be seen as a ‘dry island’, west of the Fisseha Guenet escarpment and east of lakes Chamo and Abaya, two of the largest lakes of the Great Rift Valley with an altitude of 5,200 feet ( 1,100 Meters).

The Amaro Mountain is a small range separating the communities of Amaro on the eastern slopes from Nechisar National Park and the lowland tribal areas of Arba Minch in Southwest Ethiopia, Sidama region. The local coffee varieties, relatively light population, waterfalls and highland bamboo forests are among the many unique features of the area.

Amaro Gayo Coffee began exporting in 2007 to international markets, countries including the US, Germany, France, Japan and the United Arab Emirates. Amaro Gayo Coffee is US National Organic Program (NOP) certified.

The coffee of Amaro Gayo is scrupulously harvested, sorted, and milled at its facilities, so Amaro Gayo has remarkable control over its crops. As a brewed coffee, the Amaro Gayo is a remarkable sonata of baking spices and aromatic woods.

There is a washing station where local growers bring their freshly picked, ripe cherry for processing. Asnakech, the owner of Amaro Gayo coffee, is said to be very strict in selecting which coffees will be processed at her washing station and mill, choosing only ripe and ready cherries. The final step in natural processing, drying, which is a critical step in the process.

Amaro Gayo Coffee is involved in training the farmers of the area to increase coffee yields and quality. The company also creates and sponsors the youth of Amaro district into coffee production to earn income for themselves. Being socially responsible, Amaro Gayo Coffee encourages farmers to plant more coffee trees and indigenous shade trees. This recently started intervention is supported by providing incentive materials. The company also encourages women’s groups to improve their own back-yard coffee output, and it supports scientific coffee research in the Amaro district by funding research itself. Amaro Gayo had great success in uplifting over 600 farmers by motivating them to establish their own capital base for their own association, by showing them how to generate over Birr 400,000 an amount that they have in their bank account at present.


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